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I'm so glad you decided to check this out! I'm Rick Newman, Sr.

Welcome to The Outrageous Life! We are a growing community of folks and I'm so excited you've stopped by. It is my purpose to provide here a comfortable place to explore the faith and for us - you and I - to encourage each other.

This is a place where we can strengthen, encourage, comfort and urge each other to believe that the Outrageous Life that is plainly offered in the Bible is actually real and available to all who are willing to believe. (Notice I did NOT say it is available to all who work hard or go to church or send money to some yahoo on TV!)

I also share photographs and write about our full-time RV travels with our big dog Toby. There are other topics I'd love to explore with you, like how our personal strengths and gifts affect our lives, as well as what I call the Principles of the Human Experience.

I would LOVE ❤️ to have you JOIN ME for the journey so we can encourage each other to dare to believe The Outrageous Life is a very real possibility! I think we can help each other.

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Thank you so much for stopping by!

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